When you can't afford food, you can't move forward. The anxiety of not knowing where your next meal is coming from is paralyzing. The shame not being able to provide for your family isolates you from your peers. When you ask for help, you get temporary relief, but your problems don't go anywhere. That's the reality facing too many of our fellow Canadians.

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Your donation to Natoaganeg Community Food Centre means more food-insecure kids have access to healthy food and the chance to develop healthy eating habits. More families have a place to go to have delicious and nutritious community meals. More isolated seniors can come together in the kitchen to learn new skills and and meet new friends. And more people struggling with poverty and food insecurity can speak out so we can change the system.


Make a one-time donation and have a real impact on the lives of low-income Canadians.


Become a monthly donor

One of the easiest ways to support programs is to give monthly to the Natoaganeg Community Food Centre.